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Grace in an Upside Down World

We’re facing protests erupting, an uncertain economy, and even faithful constants like school opening in limbo. What we know for certain is we pretty much don’t know anything for certain.

In the in between, breakfast must be made, houses cleaned, and the mundane tasks of life go on. After much … Read more

The Hunker Down Long-Term Plan

So now we’re adapted to the reality there is a virus, we will remain socially distant until the end of the year, and no one knows what the other side of this pandemic will look like. Now there are two historical dividing lines; Before Covid (BC) and After Covid (AC). … Read more

Virus Vacation!

Hurray we succeeded in flattening the curve! Boo that same curve is taking forever to really come down.

The Situation Where We Now Find Ourselves

In the initial stages of a crisis obsessing over the news may have seemed comforting. There’s a feeling of control that you know what is … Read more

Battle Weary!

Well as a humorous Mom on the internet has been saying, “It is day whatever of the pandemic,” as we’ve all pretty much lost track at this point. At first this virus thing seems like a skirmish but now for most of us it feels like a siege. War comparisons … Read more

Blank Spaces

So we’re now at that part of the shelter in place situation where our future looks like a blank space. We don’t know what we don’t know that we can’t know and nobody else seems to be much better informed. Possibilities are flying around on magical vaccines, clever drug combos, … Read more

Are We There Yet?!

The answer is not yet but we’ll sort of be there soon. Waiting is probably the hardest part of this Covid 19 journey. We’re stuck at home, cabin fever is rampant, and no definite answers are coming from any authority on exactly when we will arrive. Research tell us that … Read more

Love for Parents

Most of us already had harried lives with kids before the pandemic. Now we are parenting during a global crisis and suppose to do everything we were already doing plus homeschool – good grief literally. One day, when walking with my three wild little ones, I watched as a young … Read more

A Road to Sanity

There’s a joke that, “If you can keep your sanity when all around you are losing theirs then…you clearly don’t understand the situation!” The truth in this humor is a certain amount of insanity is normal when we experience insane circumstances.

We can forget that the pandemic is a … Read more

Covid-19 Life Preservers

I think about this blog as a pair of floaty wings children use in a swimming pool. A more apt metaphor is my desire to give readers a pair of floaty wings during a wild storm at sea. I realize we will all still take on water but any buoyancy … Read more

Eye in Storm of Covid-19

Noticing the Storm

Walking around my neighborhood looking into the eyes of my neighbors I am keenly aware this pandemic is a mental health crisis. I’ve wanted to help and sewing face masks isn’t my talent. A few days ago it occurred to me that creating a local mental health … Read more