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Dr. Skube has worked in the field of professional speaking, executive coaching, training, and counseling for 30 years.

"The group very quickly jelled together and related to you positively as a leader and a friend. We got over our inertia very quickly because of your dynamic, simple, clear and direct approach to communication. You presented the subject in a stimulating way which we have been able to use in our daily lives. You are quite simply one of the best trainers we've ever experienced."

Dr. Harry Kudiabor, Unity Centre of South London
"I would like to commend the excellent training provided by Dr. Daneen Skube. During the past week she has conducted training sessions for more than 800 City employees. It's unusual to receive so much praise, especially for a mandatory training. The credit belongs to Ms. Skube for designing an informative -- and interesting -- presentation. Please convey my personal thanks to Daneen. She did a great job."

Charles Royer, Former Mayor, City of Seattle
"I just completed a class on listening skills which I found to be uncommonly beneficial. I came away immediately able to utilize my new skills in the work environment. I have taken many seminars in the last fifteen years and seldom have I taken a class which proved to be so beneficial. I felt Dr. Skube did an excellent job of preparing and presenting the information. This class has been more valuable than any other training we've brought in because I could immediately see the benefit to our employees and our business."

Donald Muggli, President, Athletic Lettering Specialists
"Thank you for your enthusiastic and very professional presentation here today at our service center. I believe that because of your effective training all the employees came away with a thorough understanding of the topic. Your program was informative and entertaining. I particularly admired your ability to interact and include the audience in role playing situations. I'll look forward to working with you again!"

Eric J. Esswein, Manager, Seattle City Light
"The information in your training was very useful and your engaging and warm style made the workshop very enjoyable. Thank you very much for your significant contribution to our educational program."

Sharon Kick, Director, Human Resources, Pacific Medical Center
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