Grace in an Upside Down World

We’re facing protests erupting, an uncertain economy, and even faithful constants like school opening in limbo. What we know for certain is we pretty much don’t know anything for certain.

In the in between, breakfast must be made, houses cleaned, and the mundane tasks of life go on. After much consideration, we have our seat belts buckled to drive through the pandemic at least until the end of the year. Pre-pandemic life is starting to feel like ancient history.

The good news is we have equalized and the bad news is there is no end in sight. The gains we’ve made are small, no breakthroughs, and no savior on the horizon. Who will lead us, how ugly will the battles breaking out become, and will we come together or fall apart?

So now we’re dog paddling (with masks on) and our best option is to work together. What can  you do to help yourself and make a contribution you ask? Here’s some ideas:

Dog Paddling with Grace and Effectiveness

Before you take any action ask yourself are you about to wage war or help peace break out? There’s a lot wrong with our world and none of it will get fixed by starting fights. All of us want change right now but fighting each other will not create solutions. I have a neighbor yelling at everyone that drives by his house so he can feel powerful. Don’t be that guy!

  1. Make your world as calm and beautiful as possible. I’ve noticed a weird upside of the pandemic is everyone’s homes glow with additional attention. Turn your sense of powerlessness into making your daily experience rich. Plant flowers, plant improvements in yourself, and plant peace and watch all this grow around you!
  2. If there are conflicts between you and others realize opportunity is knocking. The pandemic is giving us time to address what could work better between us and others. If you know a relationship is broken beyond repair then withdraw kindly as any bullets you shoot on the way out will only result in returned fire.
  3. As you entertain how much you are powerless to influence realize at the same time how much you have the power to improve. Focus your energy on improving your circumstances not starting forest fires of conflict.
  4. We can all see our society is due for major changes in so many arenas. I often advise clients to fight one enemy at a time. Our common enemy right now is this pandemic. We will fight our mutual problem better if we fight it together rather than attacking everything wrong with our country at the same time.

I watched a guy on the news walking up to police forces and yelling at them about social change. He ended up with a broken hand for his trouble. Does he have a point, absolutely, should he be angrily making a point in the middle of a pandemic…maybe his timing is less than ideal.

We have the time to fix what is broken but first we need to fix the pandemic. Perhaps there is a reason we are stuck in our homes, stuck with ourselves, and staring at our own lives. Before we fix the world, perhaps we should start with fixing what is broken within ourselves. We cannot fight an external enemy that has outposts in our own head!

May you be well, may you be at peace, may you come out of this crisis better than you went in…


Dr. Skube



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