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Dr. Skube gives keen insight into the emotional motivations behind breaking news and offers in-depth understanding of the people who make the news. Her entertaining, concise and compelling content makes her the obvious expert for television, print or radio.

Years of National Media Attention

Dr. Skube is consulted as an expert on strategic communication by the television, print and radio media. Her unique national expertise was recognized by CBS, which recently placed her under a development contract. She has also been a regular guest on Northwest Afternoon and KCPQ TV’s morning news. Coming soon to a computer near you will be an archive of “Workplace Guru” webisodes from Tribune Broadcasting for you to watch.

Television - Shows

Dr. Skube - Montel Williams Show
The Montel Williams Show
“Spotting Predators”
(duration 4:52)

Dr. Skube - NW Afternoon Show
NW Afternoon
“Keeping Girls Safe”
(duration 6:28)

Dr. Skube - Montel Williams Show
NW Afternoon
“Worldly Success
& Enlightenment”
(duration 7:11)

Dr. Skube - Montel Williams Show
Q13 Fox
“Office Politics”
(duration 2:57)

Radio Interviews

“Acquiring Personal & Business Tools”
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“Adversarial Relationships at Work”
How do you handle conflicts with peers, superiors or subordinates? Sometimes a little tiff can escalate to a battle royal. BusinessWeek's John Byrne talks with Dr. Daneen Skube, Director of Interpersonal Edge, on how to rise above it and make it right.

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