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Interpersonal Edge: Breakthrough Tools for Talking to Anyone, Anywhere, about Anything.

Interpersonal Edge The Book – $24.95

The Book - Interpersonal EdgeUp til now, the cutting-edge tools in this book have only been available to management teams, high-level executives, and select clients. You’ve no doubt picked it up because you want to be the CEO of your own life—with a greater sense of empowerment and confidence. Written by Daneen Skube, syndicated columnist, sought-after executive coach, and innovative therapist, this practical and humorous work provides simple tools you can use today to generate influence, get immediate results, and turn the lemons of life into opportunities.

Readers of Dr. Skube’s wildly popular column have been clamoring for a decade for a book of this kind, which offers an in-depth look at her advice and methods. Whether you’re dealing with a backstabbing co-worker, trying to get a promotion, or want to rekindle a romance, you’ll do it all better with an interpersonal edge. The keys to the life you’ve longed for are within these pages—just add you and stir.

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Praise for Interpersonal Edge

“Dr. Skube possesses a unique vision, as she incorporates business, the individual, and the soul. Interpersonal Edge is unique in that it challenges the individual on multiple levels—like an internal mission statement. It’s a practical tool to help individuals understand how they can prepare themselves for the business world in a down-to-earth manner. For those individuals and corporations who are looking to hit the snooze button, Dr. Skube’s Interpersonal Edge is a no-nonsense wake-up call to action, responsibility, and ownership. In a world of chocolate, Interpersonal Edge is New York Super Fudge Chunk.”
— Walt Freese, Ben & Jerry’s CEO (Chief Euphoria Officer)

“Dr. Skube captures the essence of what drives successful business leadership. She offers sound advice on how understanding the perspective of your customers, employees, and communities can help improve your ability to communicate. She also presents her ideas in a concise format that clearly demonstrates the value of the Interpersonal Edge.”
— J. Michael Pocock, chairman & CEO, Polaroid Corporation

“It is unusual for a clinician to be able to write with clarity and insights for a general audience. Daneen Skube is one of those rare talents. Through her column in The Seattle Times, individuals and businesses in our community have benefited from her common sense and knowledge for many years. As one of America’s last family-owned newspapers, she is a perfect fit with our newspaper—one which fosters relationships and family values internally and which tries to provide similar content for its readers. Dr. Skube has been a valuable asset to the Times and to the community. Readers will benefit immensely from her new book.
— Frank A. Blethen, publisher, The Seattle Times

“The Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy states:‘In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.’ To actually live this ideal, one needs to live life awake . . . the tools Daneen provides in this book will open your eyes to see seven generations out in every moment.”
— Jeffrey Hollender, president and corporate responsibility officer, Seventh Generation, Inc.

“A must-read for anyone who wants to become more successful by building strong and productive relationships. Whether you desire to strengthen your relationships with clients, associates, or significant others, Dr. Skube’s powerful ‘toolkits’ are indispensable.”
— Nina Abelman, vice president, Merrill Lynch

“This is the first self-help book that doesn’t just spew lofty goals and turgid discourse at readers. The end-of-chapter exercises make you work at becoming more effective listeners and communicators. The advice is both practical and spiritual, with applications for every venue from the workplace to the home to the health club. Everyone who reads this should learn how to become a better spouse, parent, boss, neighbor— heck, a better human being!”
— Debbie Van Tassel, assistant managing editor, The [Cleveland] Plain Dealer

“With her practical approach to the Interpersonal Edge, Dr. Skube reaffirms the essential importance— and immense power—of cultivating healthy relationships. Her book provides intriguing ideas and easy-to-apply techniques to use in daily life.”
— Donald J. Hall, Jr., president and CEO, Hallmark Cards, Inc.

“Our journey on this Earth is to sustain our existence and seek a noble direction for our lives. Finding our way to self-awareness and happiness is only enhanced by reading Daneen’s revealingbook. Sharing it with the ones you love enhances the positive impact of her insightfulness into everyday experiences.”
— John Vlahakis, founder and president, Earth Friendly Products

“In business today, the world is flat. Hierarchies are gone, creativity is generated at all levels, and you must be able to communicate with everyone in your company and your clientele. This book is a guide to success in this new world.”
— Keith Love, vice president for communications and corporate affairs, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

“Interpersonal Edge provides the tools to practically implement the core values espoused by the World’s Great Religions. These strategies, which are essential for our troubled times, will put you back in touch with your truest self and, indeed, give you a cutting edge.”
— Bawa Jain, secretary-general, World Council of Religious Leaders

“Lively, warm, reader-friendly…Dr. Daneen Skube draws upon her years of experience as a therapist to propel people out of their self-defeating patterns and lead them to a wide array of liberating possibilities. It’s easy to see how the communication skills she espouses can dramatically improve relationships with family, friends, fellow workers and perhaps best of all, with oneself.”
— Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, authors of How To Talk So Teens Will Listen & Listen So Teens Will Talk

Praise for Dr. Skube’s column…

“Dr. Skube’s Working Connections column makes the most important connection — with readers. Her column is lively, topical, witty, and rational. She serves up very explicit advice on workplace issues and personnel problems. And she gives people the tools they need to apply her advice. It’s been an enormous asset to our section.”
– Debbie Van Tassel, Business Editor, The Seattle Times

“Dr. Skube’s Working Connections column tackles real life problems everyone faces in the workplace. She maintains a sense of humor while providing answers that are candid and helpful. She gives readers one more resource for handling everyday workplace problems that come up with co-workers, bosses, and employees.”
– Carol Pucci, Assistant Business Editor, The Seattle Times

“The economy has been on a roller-coaster in recent years, but through good times and bad, Daneen Skube’s column has been a steady voice providing workplace wisdom and advice to her many readers. It’s a popular column that blends the knowledge of a Ph.D., the concern of a counselor, and some good, old-fashioned common sense. The columns connect with readers because they mix insight, advice, and humor in a unique way that we don’t get from other columnists. One reader recently wrote to her that the column has helped her deal with a difficult boss: ‘Your words often inspire me, more than my priest’s sermons, I have to admit.’”
– Bill Kossen, Job Market Editor, The Seattle Times

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