Professional Services

Dr. Skube has worked in the fields of professional speaking, executive coaching, training and counseling for 30 years.

With Dr. Skube…it’s personal!

Your success, your peace of mind and your personal relationships are her business. Dr. Skube can teach you what to say and what to do to discover that it’s never too late to be what you might have been. If you’ve been searching for a practical business coach, a wise counselor, a life coach or intuitive advisor, look no further because you have now found all four. She’s spent thirty years developing a unique toolkit that combines the best of Buffett and Buddha. It offers clients strategies for achieving worldly success while benefiting others.

Therapy – The Reincarnation of Counseling
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Executive Coaching – The Reincarnation of Work
Learn More About The Reincarnation of Therapy
Workshops – The Reincarnation of Learning
Learn More About The Reincarnation of Therapy
Presentations – The Reincarnation of Speaking
Learn More About The Reincarnation of Therapy
Intuitive Advisor – The Reincarnation of Gut Instincts
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Mediation – The Reincarnation of Team Work
Learn More About The Reincarnation of Therapy

You aren’t alone anymore. No matter what adversity, challenge, or hurdle stands between you and what you want, she can help you put together a roadmap to your dreams. Remember how unlimited life seemed when you were a little kid on a summer day, with the smell of fresh cut grass drifting onthe breeze? With Dr. Skube, it’s personal that the kid you were gets a life that makes the journey worthwhile.

Your negative emotions will help you, not hurt you. Anger, sadness, guilt and anxiety are just the fuel you need to motivate you to make the changes you need. You don’t need to feel good to get the life you want. You just need to know what to do!

The fact that you don’t know what to do is proof you’re ready to improve your life. You’re ready to learn, to become wiser, more peaceful, and more powerful.

Do you want to: make more money, keep your job, keep your marriage, find a sweetheart, find your soul, negotiate a good divorce, deal with conflict, manage a difficult boss, start a business, or raise children you enjoy? Do you have a plan?

Where do you want to go – tomorrow?
With Dr. Skube…it’s personal that you arrive there!