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With Dr. Skube’s Ph.D., thirty years of experience, and now her work as a national media personality, you’re getting a speaker who offers a rare combination of top-notch expertise and entertainment. She is able to present compelling content as a journalist, author, speaker, radio and television personality. Moreover, her topics make her audience laugh, learn, and think outside the box. If you want a speaker who will get your next meeting rave reviews, you can’t do better than Dr. Skube.

The Reincarnation of Speaking

Do you want a speaker who can make your audience laugh as well as learn, who will leave behind practical tools as well as inspiration, and who has been sought out by CBS and CNBC as a potential host for a national television program? If you want to guarantee that your next keynote speaker receives rave reviews from your audience, Dr. Skube is the best choice for your next conference.

Benefits Include:

  • A planning meeting to tailor a speech for the needs of your specific audience.
  • The charisma, content and entertainment you’d expect from a national television personality, published author, internationally syndicated columnist, and University of Washington lecturer.
  • Practical tools your team members can use immediately after the talk, that will give them “The Edge” at home and at work.
  • Humor that connects to the head, heart, and soul of your group members.
  • Presentation can include purchase of her book for each group member.

Former Workplace Presentations Include:

  • High Performance Teams:
    Managing for Top Productivity
  • Home Sweet Office:
    How Your Original Family Influences Communication
  • Making the Leap to Management and Landing on Your Feet
  • Speak Softly and Forget the Big Stick:
  • Fundamentals of Motivation and Leadership
  • Stress for Success
  • Fighting for Fun & Profit:
    Conflict Resolution
  • In the Spotlight:
    Developing and Polishing Your Speaking Style
  • Nonverbal Negotiation:
    How to Listen When the Body Speaks Its Mind
  • Creating Cooperation:
    Negotiation Skills that Get Results!
  • Dancing in Quicksand:
    Change Management
  • Barbie Gets Her MBA:
    Women, Power and Leadership in Corporate America

Former Personal Relationship Topics Include:

  • If Buddha Dated:
    Using Dating to Find your Soulmate and Yourself
  • What Women Really Want:
    Tools for Confused Husbands
  • Getting Through:
    Tools for Frustrated Wives
  • Second Chances:
    Making the Last Half of Life the Best!
  • You, Me and Us:
    Building a Family without Losing Yourself
  • Marriage as a Spiritual Path:
    Using Partnership to Come Alive!
  • Family Power Struggles:
    How to be Happy Rather than Right
  • Tools for Teenage Tantrums
  • When Will Power Isn’t Enough:
    Tools for Becoming Addiction Free
  • Night Theater:
    Understanding Your Dreams
  • Who Needs a Psychic?
    Developing Your Intuition