Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Do you wish you had an advocate who could help you sort out the issues that keep you awake at night and unsettled during the day? The problems that don’t go away but seem to increase with time? Are you tired of trying the same old solutions and getting the same old results? It’s not your fault! Most of us simply don’t get the basic tools we need to realize how much power we have, to know what to do and say, and to build roadmaps to the work and personal lives we want. Dr. Skube is in your corner and on your side. She will roll up her sleeves and help you put together a plan. Clients say they leave even their first sessions invigorated with new ideas and new tools.

The Reincarnation of Work

Do you think you have to choose between money and life balance, between benefiting others and benefiting yourself, or between fun and success? Stop making tradeoffs and start the best years of your life. Now you can access the same high-level advice that Chief Executive Officers, management teams, board members and successful business owners have used for years to transform their careers. Dr. Skube understands the reality that business is about productivity and profitability. She also understands the reality that you can’t have a successful career without an in-depth understanding of the people that work with you, work for you, and buy your product. Sessions can be in person or by telephone appointment. Fees are available upon request.

Benefits of Executive Coaching Include:

  • Figuring out what you really want
  • Increasing your income and visibility at work
  • Honing your gut instincts to know what, who, where, how and when to take action. Learn to combine prophet with profit
  • A road map for achieving your goals.
  • Knowing what to say and what to do to get what you want
  • Strategies for building your personal brand, increasing your influence and commanding respect
  • Tools that help you think outside the box on staying employed, getting employed or getting promoted.
  • Innovative ideas for starting a business, getting back into the work world, or working part-time.
  • Using workplace challenges to develop your soul and find an eye in the center of workplace storms.
  • Tools for transforming conflict into cooperation.
  • Mentoring for managers on mediating staff conflicts.

Would you achieve more success at work by learning new tools in coaching?

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