Mediation Conflict Resolution


Are you tired of listening to employees complain about each other? Would you like to have the tools to find permanent solutions to employee conflicts? Do you wantemployees to bring you answers rather than a constant stream of problems? Look no further. Dr. Skube can teach you the tools you need to manage employee differences. She can also sit with you and your employees to help you achieve immediate solutions while you are learning her toolkits.

The Reincarnation of Team Work

Dr. Skube can fix the most difficult part of working – other people. Most managers spend over 75% of their time fighting other people’s battles. Dr. Skube can save you time and increase team productivity by helping you:

  • Find common ground that turns adversaries into allies
  • Learn language that finds solutions and stops power struggles
  • Identify the right fight to increase your effectiveness
  • Influence employees to exceed your expectations