Professional Counseling Services


Are you tired of worrying about the same challenges? Do you find you’ve lost your voice, your way or your power as life’s battles have taken their toll? Would you like to find an eye in any life’s storm, an advocate for your well-being, and an advisor who is invested in your long-term success? Look no further, because Dr. Skube can help you.

The Reincarnation of Counseling

Would you benefit from someone who enriches your decision-making, helps you clarify your goals, and understands you better than you understand yourself? A counselor who can help you with your personal life as much as your work life? If you have been searching for a therapist who will roll up her sleeves and give you immediate help – search no further. Dr. Skube combines uncanny perceptiveness with innovative, practical tools and long-term results.

Her clients are typically bright, successful and proactive adults who come to her because they intend to thrive (not just survive) in their personal and professional lives.

Dr. Skube only works with therapy clients who are looking to collaborate weekly for at least a year. If you are seeking short-term work (less than one year), please see our executive coaching page. Her clients pay her directly every week, but her office will provide you with an invoice to submit to your insurance provider.Fees are available upon request.

Benefits of Therapy Include:

  • Achieve clarity about professional and personal goals
  • Resolve your past so it doesn’t hinder your future
  • Role plays on what to say and do to achieve results
  • Post-partum support to adjust to new baby
  • Grieving death of child, spouse, or parent
  • Deciding whether you should stay or leave a  marriage
  •  Creating a “good” divorce
  • Parenting so you enjoy your kids
  • Rekindling your marriage
  • Parenting multiples
  • Career advice
  • Moving from anxiety into effective action
  • Decision-making tools to create your preferred future
  • Developing and using your gut instincts
  • Working with — not against — your emotional reactions
  • Understanding nonverbal communication
  • Powerful  and practical techniques for influencing others with integrity
  • Grieving unavoidable life losses
  • Strategies to handle tough transitions with grace

Could you improve your life by learning new tools in therapy?

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