Supervision for Therapists

For Therapists Only

Are you a mental health counselor who needs supervision hours for licensure, is feeling burned out, or could use business advice from a counselor who trains other counselors nationally in the business side of therapy? Dr. Skube is known as a “therapists’ therapist,” because she can go beyond supervision to help you learn to run your business to retain more clients, find the clients you enjoy working with, and increase your income and visibility.

Dr. Skube helps counselors:

    • Ensure personal issues don’t interfere with their therapeutic effectiveness
    • Build a practice that is not dependent on income from insurance
    • Implement client policies that make you enjoy your work again
    • Deal with professional burnout
    • Gain licensure hours and wisdom on the best ways to help your clients
    • Advance your knowledge in therapeutic strategies on dealing with client denial and defensiveness
    • Heal personal issues that will help your personal peace of mind and success with clients